3. Create DX Agent

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Agent is just a small Windows console application which does all the work with data. It can run either on your local computer, on the client’s server or even on Microsoft Azure. It is important that the resource, which the agent will work with, must be accessible from that location. For example, if you want to import data from the client’s database (which is not accessible from the internet) and export it into the local file in your computer, you will need two agents; the first one will run on the client’s server (it will export the data from the client’s database) and the second one will run on your PC (it will save the data into the local file in yourdisk).

1. Agent creation

  1. Open to Xeelo DX administration (main menu)
  2. Open company Tutorials
  3. Click the tile Agents
  4. Click Add at the top left corner
  5. Name the Agent: Agent local
  6. Check logging Info, Warning, Error and Fatal
  7. Click Save button
  8. Click Download button
  9. Unzip the package to the folder
  10. Open folder and execute agent