2. Hello World

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JS Mapper connector installed (see tutorial 1. Connector)

In the tutorial below, you create a simple one step task which produces Hello World! on the output.

1. Login

Fill in Xeelo DX login form, check the Remember box and press the Login button. After login, it is necessary to create a so-called Company, which is only a container separating different groups of integration tasks. It can be various environments (development, test, production) or integration groups (CRM, SCM, etc.).

  1. Press the Companies tile
  2. Press the Add button
  3. Fill in all required fields as follows:
    • Company Name: Tutorials
    • Generate a slug using the Generate button
    • Priority: 99
    • Color: up to you
    • Orchestrator: check - Orchestrator controls the execution of integration tasks according to priority, if more than one is waiting to be executed
    • Data retention: 3 days for all
  4. Press the Save button which is hidden under the arrow right next to the Save & Close button
  5. Press the Access tile at the top right of the screen. Here it is necessary to assign the Company to the user. Press the Add button, select the user from the combo-box and press Save & Close

2. Runtime, configuration, Logs

Use the breadcrumb navigation at the top left to return to the main screen. Press the Tutorials tile in the Companies section. 3 sections are displayed:

  1. Runtime - information about the run of integration tasks and their data
  2. Configuration - configuration of individual integration tasks, their Endpoints and Agents
  3. Logs - setting rules for creating system logs

3. Creation of integration task

Once the Company has been created, it is easy to create an Integration Task

  1. Press the Task tile
  2. Press the Add button to display the integration task editor. It consists of task name and control panel, information panel and integration task steps
  3. Change the name of the integration task and press the confirm button
  4. Press the green + button to create a new Integration Task Step
    • The integration step editor appears
    • Change the name according to task essence: Write Hello World!
    • Change Data snapshot to Everytime underneath which give you an ability to browse the output data of the integration step.
    • From the Connector section select All - Processors - Mapping - JS Mapper or use the search field and scroll to JS Mapper. Then select JS Mapper from the results
    • The Input schema, Input mapping, and Output schema sections are automatically adjusted based on selected connector. Leave the Input Scheme and Input Mapping untouched and fill the Output Scheme by:
      • Name: OutputText
      • Type: String
      • Press the green floppy disk button and save
    • Fill in the JS mapping field in the Configuration section. Insert the following Javascript and save again using the green disk button:
      var output = [{OutputText: 'Hello World!' }] return output;
    • Finally, press the green Save & Close button at the top right of the screen. After saving, the first integration step of the task is displayed. It can be edited again using the Cog wheel button on the integration step

4. Execution of integration task

  1. Switch the Runnable / Not runnable checkbox at the top of the screen to the Runable - green backlight state. You may notice that at the same time the History / Design Switch changes
  2. Refresh the Xeelo DX cache using the gray recycle button at the top right of the screen, next to the profile. Xeelo DX loads the integration task and its steps into cache for faster integration
  3. Press the green Start button next to the History button. A green message will appear in the right bottom corner
  4. Press the Reload task runs button on the left side of the screen
  5. Press the orange Data snapshot button on the green integration step to display the output