Connect all of your business applications and data sources without coding

Xeelo DX is an enterprise integration platform offered as a SaaS solution made to fit your needs. It enables organizations to interconnect various applications and systems, synchronize and transform data, and automate processes in an easy and efficient way.

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Hybrid solution architecture

Combine DX cloud engine with agents of your choice that enable processing of local or protected resources

Xeelo DX features overview

Intelligent and easy to navigate platform designed to connect to any source

Features list

Integration examples

Connect technology of your choice — regardless of what industry you are in


Manage system resources and create new environments by taking advantage of numerous PowerShell scripts.


Integrate your e-commerce solution with various ERP systems, receive customer orders, publish products and update availability.


Integrate your ERP and CRM system to have always right and current data across your company


Connect all of your IoT sensors and data sources to your case management software in real time, make correct decisions faster and based on data.


Integrate public web sources such as exchange rates from European Central Bank (ECB) and work only with the latest data.


Aggregate data from multiple sources and present them in a single and easy to understand PDF file.


Use CRON automated tasks and overview tools, configure CRON to execute and manage a wide variety of tasks.


Connect core & non-core applications and ensure up-to-date and correct data is used, forget about copying and pasting data across all of your systems.


Connect your mailbox, submit e-mails as requests in your ticketing system and never miss a customer enquiry, incoming invoice or a claim.


Read or write files from/to a folder in various formats as well as rows in databases according to your overall business logic and rules.


Push data though SMS gates or various messenger APIs such as WhatsApp or Signal, stay in touch with your customers.


Publish dynamic REST API interface for asynchronous and synchronous processing of external requests.